Monday, November 26, 2007

This post is dedicated to Nick and Sarah who will be married on December 29th (devin and I's anniversary) YAY! Today was such a good day for TWO reasons:

1. I finally finished Sarah's wedding invitations thus the display of it above. Very big stress relief and will pick them up from the printers in the morning!

2. Cache has officially been asleep in his room for 45 minutes..not abnormal for him.. but here is the kicker.. NO PACIFIER!!!!! Can you believe it? I absolutly cannot. This is his first time EVER sleeping without one and he did it! we have worked up to this day.. slowly trimming his pacifiers shorter ever 3 or 4 days until they had nothing for him to suck on.... I almost went and bought a new one however today during naptime... when he was yelling in his crib: "Amie PWEESE" binKAY..." I felt horrible knowing that his and My happiness were just two blocks and a few dollars away.. but i didn't cave ,,and yay he is sleeping!! no crying at all.. my heart can rest easy.. what a big obsticle I at least HOPE we have now surpassed..


natalie spratling said...

ok, first I LOVE Sarah's and Nick's announcements. You have a gift they turned out great. Also love your new template (about time I find a new one). The pacifier thing we did the same thing with hannah and bailey (Park and Sid didn't have one) Way to be tough and suffer through. Love the blog, i am so glad you are blogging!

Cher said...

First of all, I am totally digging the announcements. Great Job! Sarah looks SOO HOT! She really looks so good. Good Job getting Cache off of a binky. Cracks me up how much he talks and how he calls you Amie. So fun to hear what is going on with you guys!

Cindy Spratling said...

Oh, poor Cache, but what a big boy now! Way to be tough, even though sometimes these things are harder for us parents than the kiddos. And I LOVE Sarah's announcement. They turned out so cute!