Tuesday, December 8, 2015

First Day of School

 4th, 1st Grade and pre-school.
I've never been the over emotional Mom on the first day of school. Sentimental maybe, but I feel quite happy and confident dropping them off. This year was different. I was so emotional to let them go, to hand them to someone else. Knowing that another adult, and person I really don't know, will spend way more hours in the day with them than I get too.  Also to say goodbye to summer. I was choking up dropping them off, my hands shaking trying to drive away. I may have even drove back and just parked in the parking lot. Some of it had to do with a teacher switch that I knew needed to be made, but now looking back, it had to be pregnancy hormones. I should have known.

But Cache and Naomi, were so ready to go.  They are very much like their Dad, unafraid of the world.  Excited to be part of it. Hungry to be with friends, to learn and experience. They really are amazing, normal, healthy, wonderfully balanced kids.

 Mug shots.
                              Naomi 1st.                                                                 Cache 4th.

 Gage would start his pre-school a week later.

 Gage's first year of pre-school! (Still loves the color red!)
Up to this point he has had no desire to get older, learn or grow up. Very content to be at home with his blankie and cars and "mama" that he talks to all day. But that day he flipped a switch. He was even so confident we got to pick up his little friend who was too afraid to go by himself and Gage guided him in the front door. They both went in with a smile. He hasn't looked back, and is learning so many new things and wanting to learn more. It's really quite fun for me to watch him change.

 My favorite memory of all was Gage coming home from pre-school that first day and teaching me this cool new thing he had learned called, "Cross cross applesauce."  He then took nearly 5 entire minutes getting his body into that position. He thought it was just the neatest thing. I can't believe he's this old and I never taught him that. So cute.

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