Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentines 2015

This year I spent Valentine's with Gage. My baby. We traveled to Portland. Attended the funeral of Jeremy Miller's. Since we were there, we got to visit Grandpa Calvin at OHSU. He was in bad shape and couldn't eat or drink or even have ice chips for 7 days while his surgery healed. It was hard to see him that way.

The trips went like this:
Gage and I drove to Pendleton and picked up my Mom, my sister Sarah and her two babies Danny and Lilly and then we picked up my old friend Cappie!

The drive was so nice catching up with Cappie. I love my old friend. I've missed her since the day we drove away to college.  We got to the church for the funeral and I began getting really nervous. I didn't want to feel sadness and see the pain my the Miller's were going through.  Cap could tell I was getting nervous, so she said, "Can I tell you something that will make you happy instead?" And told me she was expecting! Man that was an awesome moment. I can't wait to meet her baby and see her as a Mom. It made me so happy. Glad she was with me.

We stayed at a creepy but very cool old hotel. Now I need to watch the Shining. I guess that's what the hotel was like according to Cap.  We spent the next afternoon at Nicole's house. It was good to be with her and her family. I love them nearly like family and it's sad for me to know that they are so hurt.  Especially Dave. We left pregnant Cappie with her Mamma Char, and took off to see Grandpa Calvin.

That night we stayed in another stupid crazy hotel. A drunk guy came into our room and shook us up. We picked hotels bad that trip.  Never more.  We also ate at the old spaghetti factory and Danny and Gage got balloon swords.

Valentines' day we headed home but not before first stopping by the Portland temple. It was closed but the visitors center was open. That temple is just so gorgeous and the grounds were peaceful. Danny and Gage ran around in their red boots pretending they were captain Moroni. Danny grabbed my scriptures from me after I showed them where Captain Moroni came from. He climbed up on this ledge and held the book up and announced "Gage! THIS, THis is Captain Moroni's BOOK!" It was pretty funny and dramatic. Love that cute boy.  I hope Danny and Gage always are close friends.

We made it home in time to go to dinner with Sam and my Mom and Nick at Mazatlan. Then I lost my phone and felt pretty bummed about that driving around Pendleton late at night missing my real Valentine Devin. Got myself a blizzard and that helped! It always does. :)  Sunday Gage Louie and I drove home in time for Devin's belated Valentin'es meal for us. Pictured above. He is so nice.

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