Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day

Sometimes for Valentine's day Naomi and I take pictures for Devin for his gift.  This pictures below I just love of Naomi. Mostly because she wasn't giving me very good smiles and I told her "Naomi think of Daddy and how much you love him." And this is the face she made:

Here is our card from a few years back. Naomi has grown up so much.

This one was Nay's idea and Devin's favorite:

  • We had a fun pink breakfast with strawberry crepes and strawberry milk all by Devin. He even decorated the table for the kids. ( I helped a little.)
  • Went to Cache's school party.
  • At the gym the kids got to color and do Valentine crafts.
  • Heart shaped homemade pizza for Dinner.  
  • My friend Darla was in town staying with us, (wedding dress shopping!) so she offered to  babysit for us.  Devin and I went for a late night date to Jakers for some virgin daiquiris and appetizers and best of all adults only conversation. It is funny, we can always tell when it has been too long since we've had a date alone, because we have "cobwebs" of tense moments between us, like we've forgotten how to be "just us." Luckily this night it only lasted the first 5 minutes and then we found our groove, and had the best time. Then we came home to Darla's attack dog who while we were gone decided that our kids belonged to him and we were intruders! It was a bit scary but funny, sorta. 
 The day was full of sweet & simple gestures of love. Exactly how I think Valentines day should be.
*Just FYI for a few people that have emailed me lately, I edited these pictures on and on photoshop. 

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