Sunday, October 27, 2013

Punk-diddly PATCH.

 P u m p k i n *  P a t c h 
Two trips this year. One with Naomi's pre-school. One family trip.

 Perfect pumpkins picked.  Naomi had to pick one with lots of colors. 

 OH,, sheesh.  I need a baby piggy!
 Naomi and her pre-school teacher. Can you tell she loooves her teacher? Well, she does. 

 Love this guy.

 Family hay ride.

Gage threw a fit sitting on Devin's lap. But he can't peddle...

 So Devin's pushing him but Gage doesn't know it.  Wow. 
So much energy keeping a 3 year old happy. Very worth it. 

*Happy Fall*

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