Saturday, April 17, 2010

So we went to Kansas City

Devin had YET another seminar for chiropractors.  We went with him this time.  Stayed on the 14th floor of a shmancy hotel where the seminar was held.  Instead of Devin's cell phone alarm that we are EVER so use to going off at 5 am EVERY SINGLE DAY, instead our wake up call was Naomi's little headed peaking out the window at the city below. 
 And her little palm tree on top of her head was the first thing we saw every morning.
We budgeted to eat out one meal.  Devin was planning on taking us to a Brazillian BBQ.  But $40 a plate and when it came down to it, didn't seem worth it with children. Especially Nay. I feel like I talk bad about her, but she is just so wild.  And still throws her food.  Sorry Devin.. Actually Devin was the one that pulled the plug on that idea.  Kansas City actually has quite a charming downtown.  We instead picked a place called "Blanc." It was crazy modern and I felt like I had stepped onto the set of Ugly Betty.(It's a TV show Mom)  They had really good burgers and served their sweet potatoe fries "ala cart." Literally.  When we saw how nice it was inside we asked to be seated OUTSIDE. :) 
Good thing too..

The seminar was in Kansas City, which is near many church history sites.
Namely: Liberty Jail, Far west, Adamondiomen, Hauns mill.

This picture above was Adamondiomen. Very pretty, we were the only people there. In this picture that is only about 1/4 of the valley field. 
 A lot of neat prophecy's to be fulfilled here someday. 
We however mostly just rolled in the grass and had stick fights.

I was mostly glad to get out of the car and away from this ruckus:

Cache is such an awesome traveler. 
 Naomi is the cutest traveler. 
 We'll leave it at that.

Leaving our Hotel room for a fun filled traveling day to all the sights, and back home to St. Louis. 
 It was a LONG but quick trip.  A lot of driving around.  A few good memories made.
 Devin and I were able to have a lot of time to talk and dream.  
 I really love my little family.
We also saw liberty Jail, and I'll write about that another time.  That was a neat place.

The End.

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MegRich said...

What a fun trip. Traveling with kids is so hard- but it looks like you guys came out of it alive and with some good memories. Way to go! Mmmm- I love sweet potato fries. And how cute in a little cart. Love it!