Friday, August 7, 2009



When not wanting to do something Mom and Dad say, usually Cache just pulls out the:
"well I said it's okay, so it dus(just) fine."
Which is always followed by a:
"Cache, it matters what MOM and DAD say,, NOT Cache."

Well he finally had heard that enough and beat us at our own tactics.
He figured out how to trump Mom and Dad.


Cache: "Dad can I have a popsicle?"
devin: "Yes when ALL your chores are finished."
devin: "You did one chore, but you have to do ALL your chores."
Cache: " oh NO dad, how bout I eat my popsicle and DEN(then) do my chores and DEN get another popsicle."
devin: "That's not how it works buddy."
Cache: "OH Dad, HEAVENLY FATHER told ME, you do ONE chore, den you get ONE popsicle."
devin: " oh really?He told you that?"
Cache: "Yep ONE chore, den ONE popsicle!"
devin: "Oh, so when did you talk to him?"
Cache: "Dus(just) yesterday."
well that's that, and here are some pictures of Sarah.
oh little danny boy, we already love you.




So, those are not super professional or anything, I blame it on the weather and carsickness, so most weren't in the mood for pictures(especially Sarah). But even bad pictures can't hide Sarah's perdy face :).


KevandChels said...

these are beautiful pics of your pretty sister. i love preggo pics. where is this? we sure miss mo and you along with it. what i'd give for just one friend like you here:) xoxo

Dave & Colette said...

Beautiful job amie I love them. Sarah is so lucky to have a big sister like you!
Love You!

Dave & Colette said...

That Cache is pretty clever. Maybe he will be a lawyer.

Cam and Mary said...

Beautiful pics of your sister! I couldn't even tell she was pregnant until she had her hands on her tummy. I just got back from seeing my family, and now I miss my sis! :) They're the best!

Michelle K. said...

So beautiful! How do you find these great fields to take pictures in? You take great pictures.

natalie spratling said...

I totally agree with your Mom's comments, Cache could be a little lawyer he can talk his way around anything...I want to know did he get the popsicle? Sarah looks beautiful she will treasure those pictures. You did an awesome job. She is so blessed to have you as her sister. Love you guys. Oh one more note did you hear Melanie had her baby? A little boy 8lbs Saturday morning. They named him Olan( not sure on the sp.) Allen