Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The language of Cache

Living with Cache is exhausting sometimes. This is partly because he never stops talking from sun up till sundown. The only reason I think I can take it by the end of the day is because he is so fun to listen too. I will be kind of sad when he begins pronunciating correctly because then I won't be able to listen to this all day:

1."Poopaste" - toothpaste
2."poocakes" - Pancakes
3."pooball" - football
4."Hangooma" - Hamburger
5."seegoons" - fingers
6."foo foo fye" -butterfly
7."pee Ants" - pants
8."efitant" - elephant
9."raysee GOOO!" motorcycle
10."Ka kockter" - helicopter
11."fwying" -flying
12."Ssss MAN!" super man
13."Prawpit" prophet
14."MUNCH"- sandwhich
15."POOCH" - punch
16. "kay-yoo" - will you carry me?
17.beesit KIT ball- basketball.
18."EEEmie" -Amie
19."Qwwaire" -Claire
20."Crappa farma e-i-e-i-e-i" - Grandpa Dave.
21."why vuv voo" -I love you


natalie spratling said...

I love their word. The girls when they were little said elephant - elphalant and they still do at times, I don't want to correct it because I think it is so cute. It reminds me of days gone past. To this day they still call a magazine a mazagine. I love it. he is such a sweet little guy.

Cher said...

So funny! Your kids cracks me up. I am so glad you wrote that all down so you can remember years from now. I can sense a pattern in some of his words like Poo! My kids are in that stage for sure.

Cindy Spratling said...

This is too cute! I wish I could hear Cache in person. Is he obsessed with poo or something? No, i know that's just how they say things sometimes. Sweet Cache!

Amie Orton said...

I AM concerned with his overuse of the word POO..maybe its because we crack up every time he says it.. we are mature parents like that. I left another one out. He also says "poo guy" meaning bad guy...