Sunday, December 9, 2007


One of the things I love about Devin is that he is not afraid to try new things..(opposite of me) Now i don't always know I love this.. I rolled my eyes and said "ooh boy" This year when Devin spent his birthday money on everything you could need to make sushi...No he has never made it before,,,,he's only eaten for this first time recently.... He made California rolls and they turned out seriously amazing.. the best california rolls I've ever had. We ate sushi for 2 days straight. I need to roll my eyes less at Devin. If your wondering these don't have raw fish.. just crab, avacado,cream cheese, cucumber,a little mayo, rice and Sea weed! NOW don't any of you worry,, He is planning on making these for everyone at Christmas...actually that might MAKE some of you worry after his home made eggnog last year..
Devin's cheescake

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natalie spratling said...

i am sooooo excited! i love sushi, yes the spring roll recipe, i don't think i have ever had the kind with raw fish. i am so glad you tried it Amie, way to go. Devin bring the recipe and what i need to buy to make them. Bruce and I love it. can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks and especially to try the sushi yum-yum. love you guys. i am so glad you are blogging!!