Saturday, April 16, 2011

When it comes to Nay,
Never assume anything.
Like the other day when I assumed she was safely in the kitchen eating her breakfast.
She was not.
And now for a ketchup, Catsup? Story.

I love me some Salsa.
Fresh cilantro, garlic and tomatoes, does more for our bodies than I think we even know.
My Children like salsa.
But they love Ketchup.
When they started perfering it over the healthy, fresh salsa, I stopped buying ketchup.
It was flu season and I needed to get some fresh garlic down them SOMEHOW!

Yesterday I took them Grocery shopping. I mistakenly turned into an isle with 10 foot section, of TOTALLY ketchup. Jumping up and down in the cart,with all the passion of her little soul:

"Chup chup !
Tashy,Tashy(Cache),  YOOK chup chup!
Oooh MOM, chup chup!
I yuv chup chup!"

So I bought her some ketchpup. (She hugged it.)

And while I was at it I got her some hotdogs too.
And that's a ketchup story.


Cam and Mary said...

Confession: I love reading your blog! You have the best stories and pictures and a wonderful way with words. Thanks for always making me smile!

shelly said...

Yes, me too (to what Cam and Mary said). Your daughter is so fabulous =)

Cindy Spratling said...

Sometimes a smile on their face is worth more than healthy food. Plus, I'm with Nay... I yuv chup chup too.

KevandChels said...

lvoe this story because it is my kids. peter eats it by himself if i don't watch carefully. kevin grew up putting it on tacos because they didn't have money for veggies so now they all still do it. it's gross. but i will never change this so i am learning to love it:)