Thursday, April 21, 2011

Life at our house

sPriNg hAs SpRuNg!
Cache joined a soccer team.
He LOVES it.  
He even scored a goal his first game this week.
Naomi is doing dance once a week. 
Her recital is in May. 
She is suppose to get a pink leotard and tights.
Her little self is going to be soo stinkin cute in a leotard.
I can hardly wait.
Cache registers for Kindergarten TODAY!

 One of my new years resolutions was to sit and play with my children.
This is hard for me.
Somewhere along the way of growing up I forgot how to play.
Devin will play for hours with them.
I just get obsessed with my list for the day and it's so hard for me to stop.
So I started writing it on my list for the day.
Near the top, which means higher priority.
I still have to focus to be totally present.
But I've been doing lincoln logs with Cache
and tea parties with Nay and I looove it.
Naomi's imagination is SO fun.

 And here is a test for you.
Can you tell who is who?

5 years apart but...
fo sho.

Back to the present spring time happenings:
 We got our bikes out.
Went for a family ride to the park.
Lots of fun.

 They actually rode just like this the whole way.
 We just shut the flap.

 And it rained. 

A warm rain.
 I love a warm spring rain.
I love any rain actually.
I love running in it to music (so satisfying)
I love being out in it.
I love coming in from it (to a warm house)
And most of all I love to listen to it while I sleep.
It soo refreshing.
And so our these happy little faces.

 I talk too much.

H a P p Y s P r i N g !

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Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

There’s so much I want to say about this post, I don’t know where to start...

Seeing that baby picture of Cache brought back so many memories of when I lived with you, and he would come running down the hall every time I opened my door. I can’t believe he’s starting school!

Naomi looks more like you all the time. I wish I could see her dance in her little leotard. I bet she is going to love it, and she is going to look SO cute. I can’t wait to see pictures!

I love Gage’s face while in where he’s sitting in the bike trailer with Cache and Naomi. He looks soooooo happy to be squished in there with them. He looks a lot like Cache’s baby picture, but he has chubbier cheeks : ). I’m so excited to play with him next week.

I struggle with making myself sit down and play with Danny too, and it’s been on my mind too. There are just so many things to clean and organize! Lately I’ve been setting the timer when I play with him. For some reason it helps me focus and play longer.

Can’t wait to see you guys next week!!!