Tuesday, January 11, 2011

They Mean no harm.

I once went to a very poignant fireside on INTENTION.
He talked about the importance of the intention of our hearts in all things we do.

 I've thought a lot about intention and how it apply's to all aspects of life since then.
Like for instance this week with my children:

Now Cache, what exactly what was your intention here?

Situation #2:
Cleaned the family room spotless for company.
 quick bathroom break.
Came back the pic below.
Almost flew off the handle, but then I noticed there was some organization to this mess,
 pause.. CACHE, what exactly is going on here?
"Well the baby is happier sitting up to see us."
 So they tried to prop him up.
look closely. 
First wipes uses to prop up his swing to a sitting up position.. didn't work.
Prop wipes up with rocking horse...still not strong enough
then chairs, skate board, even a burp rag shoved in there.

And my favorite which you can't see is inside the box on top of the table is filled with blocks to weigh the table down.

And my MOST favorite: Naomi placed her liiiittle pink tea cup up against the leg of the table to hold the table in place.
Intention: make the baby happy. Can't get mad about that.
*Note: all these items are from their bedrooms, so also quite impressive to accomplish during a 1 minute or less bathroom break...

Situation # 3:
Again, stepped out to change laundry, came back PANICK
" WHERE is the baby?!!"
in his own little baby fort of course.

And finally Naomi, "the destroyer." 
If I were true to intention, she would more accurately be :
 The Redecorator.

It may be the death of me.


Rindee said...

I just wanted to leave a note and tell you how much I love reading your blog. You have a way of captureing childhood with your photographs. I love your thoughts and how you describe the every-day happenings of motherhood. It helps me to see motherhood as it should be- cherished and nostalgic. Thank you for sharing your talent.

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Eee he he. Can't wait for that : ).

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

I just notices Naomi's little red kitchen in the background. That is sooo cool!

andie jane barefooted in the hills said...

love this article. what a good way do think of parenting. because then you can know what they were trying to do and they can verbalize their actions and think about it too! love it.

Zana said...

Classic post...
I'd love to go find wood furniture pieces with you so we could spend an afternoon painting! I'm in the mood for projects lately :)

Squeeze your little ones for me! They are such great entertainment.

Cindy Spratling said...

I miss your updates. How are you guys?