Monday, January 10, 2011

I am a child of God

 It's Monday night.
 Family home Evening night.
Devin usually ALWAYS gives the lessons.
But Devin had to work late tonight, and a lot,
I decided, I might be old enough to take on some of the responsibility around here.
So me and the chill'ns had family home evening.
The lesson: "I am a Child of God." ( out of the nursery manual.)
Cache conducted which was anything but reverent.
"Welcome to FAMILY HOME EVaaaaaNING!!! (burp noises and on and on)
Naomi said the opening prayer since she has decided she can pray now.
Naomi blessed "TASH" 17 times...
 each time Cache heard his name he would do a somersault
and I would get mad at him and tell him to be reverent during the prayer....
Great start.
Naomi would have NEVER finished if I didn't help her along, I asked her to please help 
that the spirit might be at family home evening tonight so we maybe learn somethin.
jibber jabber "Sumpin."

I told them that they have a father and mother who loves them.
They also have a father in Heaven who knows them and loves them.

Then we looked at a pic of Moses. 
Moses climbed a mountain. (they climbed the couch)
He prayed. (they knelt and pretended to pray.)
Then we read the scripture out of the bible where God tells Moses that
he is his child.
Then Cache and Nay took turns standing and saying " I am a child of God."
It was simple. 
It was a bit crazy, 
but the spirit was there.
I recognized it.
It just felt right.
We then talked about how every person on this earth is a child of God.
Even the mean people.
Knowing this can help us love people, by looking at them as more than just a person that did something terrible.
 Hate is replaced with sorrow that that person chose to do such an act....

Knowing this can help us love ourselves and treat our bodies and minds with more respect.

In my case, I was taught this as a young child.
But I forget.
Tonight I was reminded again.
Who i am.
Who my children are.
Who my friends are.
Who the people on the news are.
It was sort of a wake Up call i felt.
Get with the program.
Teach these children who they are.
Treat yourself like a child of God.
Fill your days with things that will help you and them reach their potential.
The potential of a child of God....
Wow that's some pressure.
Then we played duck duck goose 
and ate left over christmas cranberry bark.

And speaking of wake up calls:
Family home evening was a good ending to a loong day.
This morning I thought Devin was tickling me so I playfully smacked him in my sleep,
only to hit a diaper, where devin's shoulder should've been.
Naomi had made her way into our bed and in effort to find the most comfortable spot, drapped her legs over my body and stuck her foot in my arm pit. She was squirmin it around tryin to get it all nestled.
Devin was already gone for the day.
I hate anytime I wake up and he's not there.
Plus I had missed my morning workout window.
I had even set my shoes out last night.
 Baby cried, pulled him into bed,
Then my Cache showed up.
stuck himself in the middle of us all.
The sun wasn't even up yet.
Always so tired I am.
 "Mind over mattress" is what Devin always says.
But really did I even have a choice today, with these 3 giving me a wake up call?


Kara and Chant said...

That was beautiful, thanks for the reminder Amie. I love the pictures! They all look so big! Gage is so cute! (Did you change his name?)

Cindy Spratling said...

Um, I love your kids. They are funny! Wish I could see them more frequently. ~ Uncle Ben

DancELation said...

Oh, I think I woke up Wes a few times while he was asleep on the couch with my sudden bursts of laughter from reading your post. SOOOO Funny!!! What cute cute kids- and I love your thoughts and lessons- I needed a reminder. Next time my kids do something that makes me mad, I'll try to think INTENTION??