Sunday, December 22, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

 Our First year hosting.

 We puppy sat Daisy the dog. Our kids were in heaven.

  • We also tried out black Friday for the first time. Pretty fun.  Although we avoided most all crowds so we probably missed the real sales. I guess I just don't love a bargain!   It was just nice to shop knowing the kids were at home sleeping, so I didn't worry about getting home to them.
  • New Disney Movie Frozen with the whole fam! Love that movie!!
  Thanksgiving according my phone:

 Waiting for to be seated for our movie...
This new theatre has leather seats. Shmancy! 
Gage didn't move the whole time...he was "frozen" I guess.
 Cache and Naomi think its such a treat to have a baby in the house.
 Downtown Boise after the Stampede basketball game.
 Devin's the new doc for the team so we get season tickets. Pretty fun!
We did a dip night the evening before Thanksgiving.  
We usually do pie, but my family couldn't stand the thought of not having it on Thanksgiving... so dip it is.
 Thanksgiving morning.
 Macy's day parade, jammies and cereal. I look forward to this morning all year!
 And that's about how Black Friday went: No stamina.
 IT was a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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