Tuesday, December 10, 2013


We watch the BYU vs BSU game every fall. Usually at Wingers.
This year we decided to be there in person as a gift for Cache's 8th birthday.
Utah in the fall is spectacular and just one of my favorite things. Oh I love it!
Then we found out that Devin's sis Julie was being inducted to the BYU hall of fame (Cross country National Champions) and they were doing it AT the BYU/BSU game.
Uum no way Devin was missing that.
*Julie and Matt (and Devin)with 3 and 1/2 of their soon to be 6 children. She is awesome!

  We all stayed with Devin's sister Karli in Lehi. Full house = Such a fun weekend!
How did two Cougars produce a Bronco?
Our children with Cache as their leader have become die-hard Bronco Fans. 
I guess you could call them independent.  Their favorite thing to do is get up in the mornings without waking us up, they feed themselves and the baby, sneak and turn cartoons on and pray we don't wake up.
That's exactly what Devin and I do every night.
Back to the game. Cougars won.
 All the little cousins stayed with Uncle Pat and Aunt Karli during the game. 
And they took them all to a chile feed and trunk or treating! I thought was really brave of them. 
But so nice to enjoy the game with just Cache.
Cousins Cache and Kyle.
 Kendra, Kyle and Cache with their 3 foot "Cougar tail." aka the best maple bar ever. Truly.
We tore my sister Ash from her studies at the 
Tanner business building long enough to go to the game with us.
 Post game shakes at the old shake shack.
Saturday at a cool new park with the family:
Dustin and Devin at the tippy top.
 Family soccer game:
Next we met up with a few of our St. Louis school family at another park.
Fun to see these friends again.
These 3 boys sat by eachother for 3.5 years...
 In St. Louis we each had a toddler boy and a baby. Things have multiplied..
It took a minute but then they all warmed up just like old cousins.
 Ash and I also got in a sisters date in that night.
  • Sushi @ happy sumo
  • hot chocolate at the rocky mountain chocolate factory
  • Haunted ski lift at Sundace
Oh we had fun. And the ride was so scary!  Funniest memory of the weekend for me: Our feet were frozen solid by the end of the ride.   But we didn't know it until were forced to jump off and landed on them. The lift operator was yelling: "Hurry go get out of the way!"  All we could do was waddle very quickly and scream in pain. Haven't laughed that hard in too long.
Its fun to have a sister at my alma mater to introduce her to all my old favorite places. :)
Fall is FUUUUN.

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