Sunday, March 20, 2011

Emma and Sunday Jammies.

Not a lot to write about so you're gonna have to look at pictures of me and hear my random thoughts.
 It may come off as a little self indulgent.
Maybe I am.  A blog in itself is pretty self indulgent anyway right?
So I wrote in my journal today.
I was surprised I haven't written since October.
I'm sorta okay with that for  two reasons:
ONE: I don't really need to remember every single detail of everyday.
TWO: I keep a blog that will supplement it.
But still October is too long.
I write things in my journal, that are more of analyzing my own feelings about things and spiritual experiences, not really day to day life.
But every once in awhile I like to read about a day in the life of me and remember what is was like to be us.
SO you are going to get some boring details about our life in this post. And things I normally wouldn't put on a public blog. Such as one time this week I played Emma Smith in a skit...

 Emma Smith um ME? no.  First: she was really quite petite. Second  I've never thought this jungle woman hair could look pioneerish. But put on a dress and a stern look and I looked more pioneerish that I thought I could.
 But Emmaish?
Giant Emma with an attitude maybe.  (And half done hair because I didn't have time)
 It really wasn't anything but I had a really hard time keeping my nerves in check.  I just kept thinking if only I had acting and singing skills of my little sisters.  It was a  scary night  and one I never want to do again.   Sat in the back pretended to eat something till it was time for our skit. Did a little acting, croaked a little song and jetted out of there. I'm glad I did it through and hopefully I learned something from it. I'm pretty sure it reinstated my fears of acting rather than overcoming them.
It's over.  Moving on. We'll leave the acting in the family to Devin from now on.

Oh look more pictures  of me. And thank goodness. There hardly exists a picture of me with my children. And me and Gage-man, well we are attached at the hip,  among other body parts.

We tried these cute funny jammies on him today and laughed a lot.
I think Gage turns 6 months tomorrow. Could it be? I need to count again.

 Gage -Louie and his li'l feet.

When he is happy he wiggles his big toe and when he's mad it points it too. 
Basically it's like a mood ring.

Look at my 3 boys. I love them.  I gave all 3 of them plus Nay hair cuts last night. Sunday's around here go like this : Come home from church dress in comfy's and play games on the floor.   Watching nature movies on you tube somehow made the "keep the sabbath day holy" appropriate activities today.  We figured it's too cold to go on a nature walk which we like to do on Sunday's so, yah. :)

 More pictures of my funny little bee bop.

We got to see G&G Orton this weekend.  Swimming and pizza party at their hotel.
Grandma came bearing homemade gifts. A sweet little tee pee.
Lucky kids. 
Devin set it up along with a movie for them and is now making them kettle corn.

Just to make this post even more random here is my favorite quote these days. It is very applicable to me as a parent and also applies to the way I feel loved by my dear husband of mine.

-Swedish proverb


Crystal Hunter said...

You make a great Emma!

Kara and Chant said...

I agree with Crystal and Nay's hair is so cute! You are amazing!

Cindy Spratling said...

Exotic looking? Hmmm... if I didn't know how sweet and genuin and good you are, I might see exotic. However, you have bunji jumped, so that automatically makes you exotic! Crazy woman!
Anyway- you made a BEAUTIFUL Emma :) And I bet you did such a great job. It would be funny if you talked in a western accent. Har har.
You need to put your emma suit back on and sit in the tp, then take a picture

Kasia, Jared, Wrigley, Kobi said...

Don't "nature movies" me!! I know Bear Grylls when i see him! Still, very cute. I am a total Mac convert as well. You could totally pass as pioneer woman!

kri66 said...

YOU are PERFECTLY dressed for your part and I wished I would have been there to see you and hear you sing! Elsie has been dancing to your blog!

Suze said...

You have The Cutest Babies. :)