Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Budget Answer

So we have some steep financial goals for 2012.
The kind where you aim for the stars and hopefully hit the moon.
But if we stick to budget peeeerfectly and I do mean PERFECTLY and get one or two lucky breaks, we just  might be able to hit those goals straight between the eyes.
I've been using different programs to budget including and my own spreadsheet I made up.
These have been good but far from perfect and I quit both out of frustration recently.
Guess what?
Being without any program(spending in the dark) is worse than a frustrating program.
So I decided to open back up my account, and THEN.....
I discovered  the  PEAR Budget.
It's first month is free. So I decided to try it. (It's only like 5 dollars a month after that.)
So far... LOOOVE IT!
So much that a put it on my side bar.  Silly?  Oh well.  Click on it and CHECK IT OUT.
Very simple. Like REALLY simple.
My stress levels are now down 10 notches, maybe 50, knowing that I'm controlling my money. Or at least aware of how uncontrolled I am.
YESSSS. So satisfied.  :)  Try it. You don't even have to enter a credit card to try it out for the first month. I hate that.  Okay that's all just thought I'd pass the word along because when I find a good company I don't mind at all sharing.  Maybe it will make your 2012 budgeting goals stick better this year too.


Jessica Baird said...

Thanks Amie! I'm always looking for a new and better budget. I just browsed it and it is very simple and easy. Thanks!

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Ooooo cool! I will check it out. We've been using off and on and ALWAYS wishing there was something better. It feels so good to budget. Even on months that we are not perfect, it just feels good that we meet goals most of the time. Thanks!

Cindy Spratling said...

Ben is the budget master. Therefore I am the budget ingnorer. It works well for us. Haha. Just kidding. Budgeting is a constant work is progress. But man does it feel good to know how you're spending. Most peace of mind I have each day is knowing where the cash is.