Thursday, December 13, 2007

OH christmas treee oh Christmas TREEE

These pictures are from awhile ago, when we put up the tree! This is our first year having a tree. I know crazy, we just always leave so early in the season to go home to Oregon that we don't bother with it,, (and spent all our money on presents or gas to get home) This year we decided that Cache was too old not to have a tree and I was always sad not having one. So we went out to buy one and as we were walking out the door,, our nieghbor was like "hey you guys want to borrow our extra christmas tree?" So that was great and here is the tree.. we still went shopping for the star..Its our poor man's tree we have candy canes all over and strung popcorn and we collect one ornament every year since our engagment.. we even put some of our wedding decorations (small green and silver sparkly berries ) Its sparce but we think its the most beautiful tree there ever was..we also figured out our fire place that evening and did cookies...Devin saw me start to get the tree ready and sat there for a second just staring and thinking and then his eyes lit up.. he jumped jumped up made a fire and then made us mint hot chocolate and came to do
"the man's job" put the lights on the tree...It was really funny for me to watch this... all register in his head... Now thinking back on that moment I bet it was a lot of pressure.. maybe he was thinking: "this is the very first time we are EVER putting up the tree as a family,, what we do today will become tradition and will do for the rest of our married lives at christmas time." Or maybe he was just thinking.."Christmas is a big deal to Amie,, what can I do right now to not get 'the look.' HA ha! Nah,, I'm sure he was thinking the first. :) It was a picture perfect night we even put on my Aunt Natalie's blog and listened to her christmas music... what a fun time.


natalie spratling said...

amie, i love it. what a fun way to begin your family traditions...way to go Devin! amie you look fabulous, i love the the picture of Cache by the tree, cookie face and all that is one to treasure. Devin i love the red garland necklace. I love that you were able to use my blog to accompany your holiday traditions, it is almost like being there:) love the pictures! see you soon love you guys.

Ben said...

What up Ortonians! This is Benny. I like your tree. It is sweet. I like the picture of you and Cache making cookies. I bet you didn't make very many because Cache ate all the dough. Ha Ha!